Volunteers Needed!

E&G is Seeking Supervisory Committee Members

The supervisory committee oversees that members receive the best possible service from the credit union. They often will review letters from members to see that they are being handled with fairness. Though the committee is not required to meet often (usually quarterly) they are required to present a report annually to the board of directors.

The supervisory committee:

  • Act as the “watchdog” of the credit union to protect and safeguard member assets
  • Ensure that records are maintained properly, honestly and accurately
  • Make sure that policies are established according to law and carried out faithfully
  • Check to see that proper internal controls are in place
  • Ensure that members receive the best possible service

Please consider joining this important committee and do your part to help ensure that E&G offers the best possible service to its members.

Click Here for More Details On Supervisory Committee Responsibilities

3 responses

  1. In regards to your Volunteer position, Supervisory Committee Member. How much of a persons time of does it take to fulfill this Position? EG: Approximately how many hours per week or month to fulfil requirements??
    Thanks in advance, Mike Sheehan

  2. I am interested in being a volunteer Supervisory Committee Member. I would also want to know the amount of time required to fulfill the volunteer position? Thanks, Louise Hough

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